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Oh what a lovely holiday I am having.



We have now returned to Pembrokeshire after a fantastic 4 weeks at Piles Mill.


Once again we had a very enjoyable time, catching up with old friends making new and watching the antics of Yogi as he acquainted  himself with his new surroundings.


The second day at the Mill he found the pond.  Having arrived at the Mill with this freshly brushed coat gleaming within seconds he had turned a lovely shade of green as pond weed clung from his whiskers to his paws.


Every year Andrew and I say we could write a book about the stories that we hear and maybe one day we just might.


Anyway thank you to everyone who came to see us and making The Poetic Licence Exhibition such a success.

Yogi Gaugin Rees


Minster Cottage has seen the arrival of a four month year old kitten.  Black and white he goes under the auspicious name of Yogi Gaugin Rees.  Since his arrival the best china has had to be removed and the house is now cluttered with all those wonderful toys which keep them occupied for hours.  Stick and string is most defiantly the favourite, however he has now found the joys of playing with a running tap (I am so glad we are not on a water meter).


Dutifully the tap is turned just to the desired pressure and the paw is used to create patterns with the water flow, stopping every now and again to admire himself in his reflection in the bowl.  Any occupation which requires the use of water is immediately scrutinised, and the constant pacing up and down along the side of the bath has eliminated any chance of having a relaxing peaceful few minutes to oneself.


I think he has been reading too much on the news about our foods containing horse meat as he seems to have an unusual preference for vegetarian food. So far he has licked his way through Jam doughnuts, pasta, yoghurt, bread and cereal. However, he was treated to some sardines this afternoon and he thought it was Christmas. The kitchen door is now kept shut and all plates are moved out of reach. Luckily to combat any unnecessary weight gain his is highly active and the floors have been polished to perfection from the constant chasing of his shadow and also his tail.


Please keep up to date with the antics of Yogi Gauguin, photographs will be posted together with his daily adventurous which keep us all highly amused and delighted that this naughty, cuddling, practically purrfect bundle of black and white fluff has adopted this family.






Me and ted

Look at me on the best chair


Say hello to Yogi

Here I am


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