Julia Rees BA (Hons)


The understanding of colour, form, texture and composition - the “formal elements” - are essential ingredients for any designers’ education. Our emotions are highly influenced by these elements motivating individual responses to the aesthetic qualities of the marks being made.

As a full time lecturer in Art and Design for thirty  years I believe this to be fundamentals for any student’s educational profile, and most importantly they must become their visual vocabulary, which can then be applied to all areas of art and design. 


This is strongly reflected in my own career development.  Although trained at Cheltenham University in Fashion and Textile Design, my career as a designer has been diverse ranging from freelance textile design and bridal wear design to interior and theatre design.


 Now in the process of opening a new Gallery “Gallery 13a” in Friday street Minehead.  The Gallery will include work from my Fine Art and textile collections together with work from other artisans and interior products made in Great Britain.


My involvement in the arts has been multi-faceted, having undertaken both set and costume design for film and theatre productions and as artistic director I am able to use actors to create ever changing compositions and patterns. 

Inspiration for my two dimensional and three-dimensional art is drawn from continual observation of the diverse patterns and textures which are present in our landscape, architecture, and everyday objects, some of which are more obscure than others. 


Continuous development of new textile techniques and production methods, together with my artistic response to the ever-changing environment, opens up a wealth of research opportunities and provides a host of design ideas.  These diverse and exciting pathways are created for me to explore using a wide range of mixed media, designs emerge from an intuitive inquiry in response to the engagement with these materials, allowing the original concept to undergo a complete metamorphosis.


Through solo and collaborative exhibitions, website, and galleries my work has reached more people than I ever imagined possible both nationally and internationally.

Julia Rees BA (Hons)


New Collection

Making Your Mark



2003 - 2017 Solo Exhibitions, Piles Mill Minehead Somerset

2004 Exhibition Tenby Art Gallery

2005 Solo Exhibition Nan ty Coy Gallery Pembrokeshire

2010 - Selected for exhibition Clifton Arts Summer Show Bristol

2012 - 2018 Wheelwright Gallery, Mount Edgecumbe, Cornwall

2018  Solo Exhibition Tregwynt Woolen Mill Pembrokeshire

2019 Solo Exhibition Tregwynt Woolen Mill Pembrokeshire

2020 Opening of new Gallery "Gallery 13a" Friday Street, Minehead


Drawing is taking a line for a walk.  To be aware of the Mark's that we make the metaphysical presence of the then and now.  The journey that is made the story it tells.  What we learn and see on this journey.  To be aware to look to discover and to record.  The Mark's we make the Mark's we leave behind. 


Man has always had the underlining need to make their mark.  The necessity to draw this physical action made for pleasure, adornment and to record, a visual diary of everyday life. Your mark is your own DNA, this visual dialogue unique as your own handwriting.


Working across many disciplines and medias our landscape provides myself with a myriad of design inspiration and its own mark making.  Marks in the rocks, textures, colours, and forms a testimony to time.   Patterning made by the sea, ebbing, and flowing, rivulets constantly changing with each new Mark Making Tide.


The visual narrative conveys emotions through the energy of the drawn line.   Scratching scoring, stitching, collage, frottage, disintegration, and rusting, all reflect the relentlessness of the elements and their own physical presence. The decorative imperfections within the textile pieces and the stitch line are evocative of erosion and ever-changing landscape. 


The work emulates an emotional response to the landscape, creating a visual dialogue, this narrative of imagery softly muted, impressionistic, and metaphysical response.   It offers escapism, a time to think and time for reflection.


Julia Rees

Julia Rees Designs – “Making your Mark”.   A multi - disciplinary working studio of Fine Art, in mixed media, Textiles and Fashion Design.


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